Frazing design tyres is routing,whereat from gout design groove will take away specially formed and knife - edge,who is heat - up elect streaming(regulation),layer stretcher course material. Does so, to unprovability to damage constructional make - up tires, partly on the part of safeness and possibilities resulting restoration cloak. To achievement what best results it is necessary adhere these fundamentals:

  1. Frazing do after feathering min. na 3 mm depths desen grooves.
  2. Licensed brand depth frazing single design mentioned regulations is crest and may not be overstepped.
  3. Erupted can be all design groove,or only some groove magged design.
  4. In the event of uneven attrition design, it is necessary scale residual depth design near groove in mostly magged place, to at frazing unprovability to damage residual gases strata India - rubber blocking steel epee reinforcer zone. Residual layer India - rubber must be well - kept to reservation safeness and to resulting restoration cloak.
  5. Before initiation frazing advise remove all junk in grooves design (grit, turnings, nails, etc...).
  6. Junk remove brush or screwdriver. Herewith progress heighten service life cutting knives.
  7. Near very involved cloaks in the area tread, for example torn off design figures or hewed common masses.
  8. Apparatus mustn't it use in damp and outside premises.

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